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Invented by an Athletic Trainer, It is designed to keep water bottles cold through an entire practice and games.  No more wasting time and with the unsanitary process of filling up water bottles. Simply fit the ICE RACK over your Gatorade caddie handle and funnel the ice and / or ice & water directly into the water bottles. The ICE RACK can also be used on the PowerAde caddie  but will sit slightly off the water bottle opening. The ICE RACK can be used on the following water bottles free of their caddies, allow extra few seconds to align the water bottles : Alert, Medco,Academy, Dick's, Cramer,Champion and any bottle with a wide mouth  opening. If planning on using cubed ice or Reddy ice you will have to break up the ice by using the ice scoop to break up the larger pieces of ice.   All other types of ice will flow through the ICE RACK with  any  issues.

PowerAde water bottles without the caddie.

PowerAde Water Bottles

PowerAde water bottles independent of the caddie. 

Academy Water Bottles with Ice Rack

Academy water bottles independent of the caddie. Have sold to little league football and soccer teams. 


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Alert Services Distributor

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